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The Entertainment Ad-Pack From Our-Pub.co.uk

The Entertainment Ad-Pack: Everything You Need To Advertise Your Entertainment For Just £18.00 A Month!

No obligation, no contract and your first month COMPLETELY FREE! What do you have to lose?

The Entertainment Ad-Pack Includes

  • 4x A3 Customised "What's On This Month" Posters
  • All Events Added To The Tameside Pub Guide
  • All Events Added To Your Pub Directory Page
  • Social Media Advertising In The TPG Facebook Group With Almost 6000 Members
  • Inclusion to the Entertainment Pubs Directory

Your "What's On" posters around your pub will keep your existing customers informed whilst your online advertising will reach thousands of potential new customers! The already well established Tameside Pub Guide is viewed by thousands of Tameside pub-goers every month. Combine this with your pubs own Our-Pub Directory page and our huge social media reach and the possibilities for attracting more customers are endless!

All For Just £18.00 A Month

*Free Delivery To Pubs In & Around The Tameside Area Only

The Festive Ad-Pack from Our-Pub.co.uk

Everything Your Need To Advertise Your Pub Over The Fesive Season From Only £15.00

With Our-Pub.co.uk's new Festive Ad-Pack, We can supply all the prined material & online advertising your need for Christmas & New Year!

  • Festive Opening Times Posters
  • Christmas Eve Party Posters
  • New Years Eve Party Posters
  • Christmas & New Years Eve Entry Tickets
  • Inclusion in the Christmas TPG
  • Inclusion in the New Years Eve TPG
  • Social Media Advertising to over 6000 Followers
  • Enhanced Google Search! See Your Festive Events In Google's Results List!

The Football Ad-Pack from Our-Pub.co.uk

If You Show Football At Your Venue, This Is For You!

With Our-Pub.co.uk's Football Ad-Pack, you get a full months advertising both online and in print for just £14.00

  • 4x Customised Posters Listing All Man Utd & Man City Fixtures
  • Digital Fixture Posters For Every Game For Use On Social Media
  • Social Media Advertising In The TPG Facebook Group With Almost 6000 Members
  • Your Pub Listed Beneath All Fixtures In The Tameside Pub Guide
  • All Televised Utd & City Fixtures Adding To Your Pub Directory Page
  • Sky & BT Logos Adding (Where Applicable) To Your Pub Directory Page
  • Inclusion To The Football Pubs Directory

Our-Pub TV - Digital Advertising For Your pub

Advertise On Your Pubs's TVs With Our-Pubs Latest Advertising Offering

With Our-Pub TV you get a complete advertising package. Digital advertising on your pubs TV screens as well as online on the Our-Pub site. You will get a fully updated Tameside Pub Directory Page, inclusion to the locally renowned Tameside Pub Guide, Entertainment Pub Directory and Football Pub Directory. You will also be included in all of Our-Pubs regular Facebook & Twitter posts informing our 1500+ combined fans & followers of what's happening at your pub.

  • Our-Pub TV Box Supplied & Fitted In Your Pub
  • Customised Advertising Displayed On Your Pubs TV
  • Display Your Upcoming Events, Footy Fixtures, Special Offers & More
  • Dedicated Tameside Pub Directory Web Page Created For Your Pub
  • Inclusion In the Entertainment Pubs Directory
  • Inclusion In the Footy Pubs Directory
  • Your Upcoming Entertainment Added To Your Pub Directory Page
  • Your Upcoming Entertainment Added To The Tameside Pub Guide
  • A "Watch Footy Here" Link On Your Tameside Pub Directory Page
  • Inclusion In The "Where To Watch" List Under All Fixtures In The Tameside Pub Guide
  • Inclusion In All "What's On" Entertainment Posts On Facebook & Twitter
  • Inclusion In All "Where To Watch" Footy Posts On Facebook & Twitter