Our-Pub TV - On-Screen Digital Advertising

Advertise On Your Pubs TV Screens

Our-Pub TV is the latest advertising offering from Our-Pub.co.uk enabling you to display your upcoming events, football fixtures, social media feeds, special offers and much more right there on your pubs TV screen. We fit a small box in your pub that connects to your TV and WiFi connection. The box then streams your customised content from Our-Pub's web servers. This means your box will constantly be updated with new content without ever needing to detach the box from your TV. Digital signage advertising for a digital age.

Combine Our-Pub TV with our other advertising options to create the perfect advertising package for your pub at a price to suit you!

Our-Pub TV is currently only available in & around the Tameside area.

What's Included

All this for just £25.00 a month! Or combine Our-Pub TV with our Ad-Packs to save £££s!

  • Our-Pub TV box fitted in your pub*
  • Customised advertising displayed on your pubs tv
  • Display your upcoming events, footy fixtures, special offers, social media feeds & more
  • Your very own Tameside Pub Directory page
  • Inclusion in the Entertainment Pub Directory
  • Inclusion in the Footy pub Directory
  • Upcoming entertainment added to your Pub Directory page
  • Upcoming entertainment added to the Tameside Pub Guide
  • A "Watch Footy Here" link on your Pub Directory page
  • Inclusion in the "Where To Watch" list under all football fixtures in the Tameside Pub Guide
  • Inclusion in all "What's On" entertainment posts on Facebook & Twitter
  • Inclusion in all "Where To Watch" footy posts on Facebook & Twitter

*One off £30 installation fee. All equipment remains the property of Our-Pub.co.uk - Our-Pub TV is currently only available in & around the Tameside area

A Months Premium Advertising For Free!

Advertise on Tamesides Number 1 Pub Advertising Site And Dont Pay A Penny!

A full months advertising online and in print with Tameside's biggest & most comprehensive online pub directory, entertainment guide & food guide completely free of charge! And with no obligation to continue after your free trial and no contracts, you've nothig to lose!

  • Personalised "What's On This Month" & "Footy Fixtures" posters
  • Months Events Added Online To The Tameside Pub Guide
  • Months Events Added Online To Your Our-Pub Web Page
  • United & City's Televised Fixtures Added To Your Our-Pub Web Page
  • Sky & BT Logos Adding (Where Applicable) To Your Directory Page
  • Food Menu Adding To Your Directory Page & To The Tameside Food Guide
  • Inclusion to the Entertainment Pubs Directory
  • Inclusion to the Footy Pubs Directory
  • Facebook & Twitter Advertising to 1000+ Our-Pub Followers
  • Enhanced Google Search! See Your Events In Google's Results List!