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Advertise Your Local Business On Tameside's Number One Pub Website!

Reach Thousands Of Customers For Less Than A Penny Per Ad View!

Reach thousands of customers by advertising your local business on Our-Pub.co.uk!
Your adverts will be seen over 2,000 times a month by local Tameside people for less than 1p per advert view!

  • The Our-Pub site is viewed over 4,000 times each month
  • Local advertising targeted at a Tameside audience
  • Both web and mobile site advertising
  • 5 different advert sizes included for free
  • Each ad view cost the equivalent of less than a penny!
  • Link your ad to your website, Facebook page or to a custom made contact form!
  • A maximum of 6 different advertisers each month, maximising your exposure!
  • All for just £20.00 per month, with no monthly contract!

If you would like to combine more than one advertising option, click the button below to send us an enquiry to see what discount we can offer

Other local business advertising options include...

Advertising Your Business On The Our-Pub Site

Complete, Cost-Effective, Targeted Advertising

Advertising your business is essential, but it can be expensive. Not with Our-Pub.co.uk! We offer prime online real estate on a locally renowned website. Viewed around 4,000 times every month by people in and around the Tameside area, the Our-Pub website is the perfect place to advertise your local business.

We will take care of all your online advertising for you, you just tell us what you want to advertise and we do the rest. We'll even design your adverts for you at no extra cost! We create 5 different sized adverts for you (or you can submit your own), the site then chooses ads at random and places them in designated ad spaces around the site.

Every time a page is refreshed, or a new page is viewed, a new set of random ads will be selected. Over the course of the month we have calculated your adverts will be seen over 2,000 times around the Our-Pub desktop and mobile sites. (See below for the figures)

We can link your adverts directly to your website, Facebook page or to a custom enquiry form hosted on the Our-Pub site which we will set up for you. Your enquirer fills in the form with the details you request and you receive their enquiry by email.

Advert Sizes & Positions

Where Your Ads Will Appear

There are 5 ad types in total. The Top Banner, Skyscraper, Square and Chalkboard Banner are all main site ads and all appear around the desktop version of the Our-pub site. The Mobile Banner is only displayed on the mobile version of the site.

All ad types are displayed on this page (when viewed on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet) to show you how and where your ads will be displayed.

  • The Top Banner is found at the top of every desktop site page
  • The Skyscraper is displayed in the right hand column of taller desktop site pages
  • The Square is displayed in the right hand column of smaller desktop site pages
  • The Chalkboard banner is displayed on all Tameside Pub Guide pages, Pub Directory pages and Artiste Directory pages (See the chalkboard below for example)
  • The Mobile Banner is displayed on all mobile site pages.

Let's Do The Maths

Here's How We Work Out The Figures

In the last 30 days, the Our-Pub site has had 8,232 pageviews (That's excluding the Our-Pub Shop pages which do not contain advertising). The vast majority of pages viewed on desktop PCs, laptops and tablets show 3 adverts per page whereas mobile site pages show 2. After taking in to consideration the percentage of desktop & mobile pageviews, adverts on Our-Pub.co.uk for this period were seen approximately 20,272 times. Split between 6 advertisers, that's around 3,379 ad views per advertiser every month! The equivalent of just £0.006 per ad view!