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The Tameside Pub Guide is your definitive pub guide listing hundreds of events happening at pubs in and around Tameside. The TPG is the most comprehensive online guide in the area and is always up to date. Everything from Live Music & Bands to Quiz Nights & Karaoke, The TPG is the only place you need to see what’s happening at a Tameside pub near you!

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DJ Wayne’s Disco & Karaoke Night

Butchers Arms, Mossley, Mossley

Every Saturday From 8:00pm

DJ Wayne’s Karaoke & Games Night

Butchers Arms, Mossley, Mossley

Every Sunday From 6:00pm

6pm – Wayne Kay Karaoke
7pm – Play at our Cards right for up to £40 of beer tokens
8pm – Open The Box with a minimum £100 cash prize

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Happy Hour! Mon-Thu from 6-7pm

Butchers Arms, Mossley, Mossley

Every Monday From 6:00pm

Karaoke Night

The Church Inn, Mossley

Every Wednesday From 7:30pm

Smartphone Quiz + Play Your Cards Right!

The Church Inn, Mossley

Every Thursday From 8:00pm

Free Pool! All Day, Every Day!

Butchers Arms, Mossley, Mossley

All Day, Every Day

Classic Rock Covers Band, Challenger

Butchers Arms, Mossley, Mossley

Friday 26th April From 9:00pm