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The Tameside Pub Guide - Stalybridge

Tuesday 18th December

Wednesday 19th December

Bohemian Lounge, Stalybridge
Every Wednesday - 5:00pm
Stalybridge Tavern, Stalybridge
Every Wednesday - 8:00pm
Q Inn, Stalybridge
Every Wednesday - 9:00pm
White House, Stalybridge
Every Wednesday - 9:00pm

Thursday 20th December

Organ, Stalybridge
Every Thursday - 8:00pm
Stalybridge Tavern, Stalybridge
Thursday 20th December - 8:30pm

Friday 21st December

British Protection, Stalybridge
Every Friday - 8:30pm
Stalybridge Tavern, Stalybridge
Every Friday - 11:00pm

Saturday 22nd December

Lord Stamford, Stalybridge
Every Saturday - 8:00pm
Stalybridge Tavern, Stalybridge
Every Saturday - 9:00pm

Sunday 23rd December

Fox Tavern, Stalybridge
Every Sunday - 6:30pm

Monday 24th December

  • Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class
    • This flow class will encourage you to let go of any stress, focus on the breath and calm the mind. Our 60 minute practice will start with a good warm up before we move on to flow through poses and stretches. The class will close with a relaxing reclined meditation.
      Normal prices: Drop-ins £7, 8 week class pass £45
      Space limited so contact us to book your space.

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New Stalybridge Labour Club, Stalybridge
Every Monday - 7:30pm
Stalybridge Tavern, Stalybridge
Every Monday - 8:00pm
British Protection, Stalybridge
Every Monday - 8:30pm

Tuesday 25th December

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Wednesday 26th December

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Thursday 27th December

Stalybridge Tavern, Stalybridge
Thursday 27th December - 8:30pm

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Friday 28th December

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Saturday 29th December

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Sunday 30th December

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Monday 31st December

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